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I strive to always deliver the highest quality voice over recordings in English or Spanish for my clients.  I record in my top of the line professional boutique home studio, to guarantee the delivery of clean professional recordings, always striving to achieve the right vocal tone, enunciation and flow for any kind of purpose or project, ranging from film/television, corporate work, radio, videos, video games, audiobooks, narration or instructional videos.


For any of my projects, I can provide either simply a set of dry vocal files, vocals with effects, or a full vocal production package with professional editing and mixing to deliver broadcast ready high-quality audio tracks.


+20 years of experience recording institutional voiceovers for a wide range of brands of multinational companies for national and international projects:

Retail: Coca-Cola, Nestlé (Nescafé), Procter & Gamble, CCU Company, numerous wine producers
Electronics: LG, Honda, Mitsubishi, SAP, Ebay
Fashion: Falabella, Ripley, L'Oreal, Paris Stores, United Colors of Benetton
Health: Cruz Verde, SalcoBrand, Farmacias Guasimales
Government: Social, Government and Political Campaign Announcements

TV Series: TVN, Chilevisión, Canal 13 (Chile)

+17 years of experience as a professional musician in both live and studio recording projects:

Muza (artist/band): Executive producer, Composer, Singer and Arranger

5 LP/Album releases:

  • Blanca. Muza (Red Cello, La California. 2011 / Infanta Terrible Records, Chile. 2011)

  • Terciopelo. Muza (Petroglyph Registros / Feria Music, NM. USA 2007)

  • Cambio de Estación. Muza (Petroglyph Registros NM. EE.UU. 2004)

  • Dream Electrónico. Muza (Mundo vivo 1999)

  • Historia Leyenda. Sol Azul (Warner Music 1996)

35 Album Releases as an invited artist/singer:

  • Transhubiriano : 4 albums (2003-2012)

  • Ludwigband : 1 Álbum (2008)

  • Subhira : 10 álbumes (1992-2004)

  • Illapu : 1 Álbum (1999)

  • Keko Yunge : 2 álbumes (1995-2010)

  • Pablo Herrera : 1 Álbum (2006)

  • Nicole : 1 Álbum (2005)

Plus independent music and World music EP/singles releases

Degrees & Training

​Finnis Terrae University  |   Graduate in Music Education (2012)

Escuela Moderna de Música   |   Graduate in Music, Composition & Arrangements (1999)

Professional studies in lyrical and popular singing.


• Two-time winner of the Independent Music Awards (IMA) in the USA
o Best cover version for Electronic Bolero "Bésame Mucho" in 2009
o Best Electronic Album in 2005 with "Cambio de Estación"
• Finalist in 'Festival de Viña del Mar' in 2004 with the song: "Pide"
• Finalist in 'Festival de Viña del Mar' in 2001 with the song: "Mágico" 
•Nominee for Best Electronic Album for "Dream Electrónico" (Premio Apes, Chile,  1999)

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